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The Irish Skincare Saviour Missing From Your Bathroom Shelf

By Emma Blanchfield. This article originally appeared on Irish Tatler on Aug. 14, 2019.

Minimalist packaging? check. Sustainable? check. Clinical trials? check.

Irish skin sometimes just needs an Irish skincare brand to save it. That's why we're giving you the chance to win the entire Bia Collection from Codex Beauty worth €355.

Of the countless skincare products on the market, very few will earn the coveted title of 'cult' product. But Irish skincare brand, Codex Beauty looks to be heading that way. While each product in their Bia range makes a strong case for hero status, there is one skincare saviour worthy of such title. Their Skin Superfood, which costs €55 is a soothing and hydrating cream that can treat dry, flaky, and irritated skin anywhere on the body.

Product reviews left by customers are routinely glowing - is it possible for so many people to love a product so much? In this case, it would seem so. But glowing reviews aside, the hydrating cream - and the entire Codex Beauty Bia range for that matter - is a product backed by science. 

Codex Beauty is a brand which is essentially a collective of global brands with a refreshing approach to natural skincare, with pharmaceutical-grade processes and a focus on sustainability. Each product goes through a clinical trialExtensive ones, over a decent time period that you can trust.

Their entire Bia range, which is an amalgamation of Irish brand Bia Beauty, created by Cork-based herbal scientist Tracey Ryan, harnesses the power of bio-actives extracted from native Irish plants long valued for their soothing and hydrating properties. As is the Codex Beauty way, Bia is exceptionally pure and made with technically edible ingredients meaning it is quite possibly the safest product you can put on your skin - and that includes water. 

So if you have sensitive skin, or skin in general, it's time to try the Codex beauty Bia range. And as luck would have it, we have the entire Bia skincare range by Codex Beauty worth €355 to give away to one lucky Irish Tatler reader. 



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