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Who is Sekhmet

Our Inspiration
Our firm’s name pays homage to Sekhmet the warrior and Sekhmet the healer, because both aspects are equally important where successful investing is concerned. As a warrior patron to startups, we provide guidance on strategy, team, and resources needed to stake a claim in the marketplace. As a healer, we are focused on companies in the beauty and wellness space, in order to provide 100% natural, ultra-pure solutions manufactured with the highest quality.

Our Focus
At Sekhmet Ventures, we have focused primarily on companies with science-based products in the beauty and wellness markets. Sekhmet Ventures not only provides capital, but its distribution arm will distribute beauty products throughout the world.  Combined with our digital marketing and regulatory expertise, this allows a start-up business to take-off, without requiring the additional capital and consequent dilution to equity ownership that would be required for a startup to perform those functions on its own.

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