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Sekhmet Ventures Announces Investment in Codex Beauty A Global Clean Beauty Skin Care Collective Focused on Science

This press release originally appeared on PR Newswire on June 3, 2019.

June 3, 2019 - Portola Valley, CA - 

Sekhmet Ventures (Sekhmet), a beauty and wellness venture capital firm is proud to announce closing the Series A round of its portfolio partner Codex Beauty LLC (Codex). Established by Sekhmet Ventures’ Founding Partner Barbara Paldus, Codex is a global collective of skincare brands, dedicated to offering all-natural, science-backed beauty products to consumers of all ages and skin types.  The company’s global leadership team is comprised of experts spanning a wide range of relevant disciplines, including herbal science, cosmetic chemistry, dermatology, biotechnology, process automation, and optical spectroscopy. 

“The cosmetics market is saturated with products that make a strong first impression on consumers but lack quantifiable results,” commented Dianne Vavra, Chief Communications Offer of Codex Beauty. “To empower consumers to select products that are right for them, Codex embodies a strong belief that information transparency and regulatory compliance are critical.”   

Sunna Helgadottir, Chief Operating Officer of Codex added, “Codex utilizes a pharmaceutical approach to manufacturing and adheres to strict quality standards, so clean beauty customers can be confident that all products are safe.  Codex also strives to offer products that perform well, and whose efficacy can be clinically demonstrated.  We look forward to sharing these results with our customers.”  

Codex’s commitment to quality, science and nature guides their rigorous production operations. Codex maintains highly selective ingredient sourcing, audits the extraction processes of key compounds, and formulates each product based on herbal and dermatological science, resulting in highly performant products. Their manufacturing processes align with pharmaceutical standards and adhere to cGMP guidelines.  Quality control and batch testing prior to filling ensure each product is released with confidence and achieves consistent results.   Third party certifications including EcoCert COSMOS, EWG Verified and MadeSafe are being sought for each product in order to independently verify the dedication of Codex to safety and quality.    

“In the beauty and wellness space, there often exists an idea that ‘completely natural’ and ‘scientifically derived’ are mutually exclusive product attributes,” stated Jacqueline Kissenpfennig, Chief International Business Officer of Codex. “With our diverse team of experts and proprietary development processes, Codex Beauty is able to bridge that gap and offer products that are efficacious and are derived from the best plant ingredients our world has to offer.” 

About Codex Beauty 

Codex Beauty is a global collective of clean beauty skincare brands revolutionizing how the world views and maintains optimal skin health using ancient herbal traditions, innovative, vegan formulations, unprecedented quality standards and pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing, science, and transparency. By developing products using carefully selected ingredients, formulation innovation, and information transparency, Codex Beauty is empowering skin care customers with the products and peace-of-mind they deserve.  

About Sekhmet Ventures

Sekhmet Ventures is a venture capital company in Silicon Valley that invests worldwide in science-based companies addressing the clean beauty and wellness market. However, unlike other investors, Sekhmet Ventures provides its portfolio companies with more than just capital. Its international distribution company minimizes their need to build a sales infrastructure and instead allows them to focus on brand building. Equally important and in connection with its distribution company, Sekhmet Ventures has assembled a team which supports its portfolio companies with expertise in manufacturing and regulatory compliance. This infrastructure and support not only accelerate the growth and de-risk the business plans of the portfolio companies, they also increase the efficiency of the Seed through Series B investments on which the firm is focused.

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