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Sekhmet Ventures Announces Newest Portfolio Partner:

Heretic Parfum - Revolutionizing Clean Fragrance

April 24, 2019 - Portola Valley, CA - Sekhmet Ventures (Sekhmet), a newly-formed venture capital firm in the beauty and wellness market, is proud to announce its partnership with Heretic Parfum (Heretic), based in Los Angeles, CA. Heretic  manufactures small-batch, artisanal, gender-neutral fragrances using only naturally-derived materials. 

“Heretic’s unique product line is ultra-clean and the company has a unique vision for fragrance, combining sensory aspects with transdermal delivery science,” commented Barbara Paldus, Founding Partner, Sekhmet Ventures. “As an investment vehicle operating in the rapidly-growing, clean beauty and wellness space, Sekhmet is committed to empowering businesses like Heretic: innovators who are willing to break boundaries across different industries to create new, health and wellness technology platforms. We’re excited to make Heretic a part of the Sekhmet family, and to help Douglas Little, Heretic Founder, realize his vision on a global scale.” 

Heretic’s products feature no synthetic fragrances or aroma-chemicals, are paraben, phthalate, EDTA, and paraffin-free, and are cruelty-free. The alcohol used in Heretic’s fragrances is derived from organic, non-GMO sugarcane – a stark departure from the industry standard SD40 alcohol, which is derived from ethanol or methanol. The fragrances are fabricated using l
ong-standing processes historically used by perfumers, combined with modern manufacturing methods and cosmetic science.

Recently, Heretic launched Dirty Grass - the first CBD-based (Cannabidiol) fragrance. Cannabidiol, one of many compounds found in a cannabis plant, has been shown to provide its users with a variety of health benefits. “The world-wide launch of Dirty Grass represents the ushering in of a new, natural-alternative category of functional fragrance that offers a dose of cannabidiol delivered transdermally”, Barbara Paldus adds.

“We’re thrilled at the opportunity to partner with Barbara and the Sekhmet team,” said Douglas Little, Founder, Heretic Parfum. “Sekhmet Ventures has the resources, experience, and network we need to bring our products to a larger audience that’s seeking consciously designed products – and above all, all-natural ingredients that create unique fragrances without exposure to chemicals. We fully expect 2019 to mark the start of a positive, productive partnership for both Heretic and Sekhmet.”


About Sekhmet Ventures

Sekhmet Ventures is a venture capital company in Silicon Valley that invests worldwide in science-based companies addressing the clean beauty and wellness market. However, unlike other investors, Sekhmet Ventures provides its portfolio companies with more than just capital. Its international distribution company minimizes their need to build a sales infrastructure and instead allows them to focus on brand building. Equally important and in connection with its distribution company, Sekhmet Ventures has assembled a team which supports its portfolio companies with expertise in manufacturing and regulatory compliance. This infrastructure and support not only accelerate the growth and de-risk the business plans of the portfolio companies, they also increase the efficiency of the Seed through Series B investments on which the firm is focused.

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