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Optimize Your Life with Omega-3 from needed.'s Julie Sawaya & Ryan Woodbury

This Podcast originally appeared on hello beauty on May 17, 2019.


Nowadays, there is a slew of information on diet and nutrition that it is easy to get paralyzed and not know what direction to take. Enter needed. needed. is an Omega-3 powdered supplement from algae which is easily absorbed and provides you nutrition at every stage of your life. Founders Julie Sawaya and Ryan Woodbury sit down with Hello Beauty host, Joyce Platon, and talk about their advocacy on nutrition. This advocacy is placing importance in providing the best nourishment for everyone through their product that is proven scientifically, and backed by a community of health experts and practitioners. Tune in to hear more and learn why it's vital to incorporate Omega-3 in your diet and find out how you can optimize your health and overall wellness.

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