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Sekhmet Ventures Invests in Needed - New Portfolio Offering Clinically Validated, Nature-First Nutritional Supplements

Portola Valley, Calif., May 2, 2019 / PRNewswire / -- Sekhmet Ventures (Sekhmet), a newly-formed venture capital firm in the beauty and wellness market, is pleased to announce its partnership with Los Angeles-based Needed PBC (a public-benefit corporation). Needed is a mission-driven company that develops nutritional supplements that are nature-first and clinically-validated for their superior absorption. The company pairs its products with fundamentals-focused nutritional education, and a community of fellow learners, to empower their customers to identify and meet nutritional gaps at every stage of life. Needed's products are sold direct to consumers and through referrals by the company's substantial community of health and wellness practitioners.

"Needed is taking an integrative, science-based approach to improving the nourishment of consumers at every stage of life," said Barbara Paldus, Founding Partner, Sekhmet Ventures. "As a company, they are uncompromising, from their attention to ingredient sourcing, nutrient pairings and nutrient delivery, to their emphasis on clinical validation and "real-world" testing through their community of health practitioners, Needed's thoughtful approach to nutrition perfectly aligns with Sekhmet's goals and ambitions in the rapidly expanding beauty and wellness market."

Needed's first product addresses the foundational need for Omega-3 (DHA and EPA) that most consumers in the US aren't meeting through diet alone. The company's Omega-3 product leverages a natural delivery system known as liposomes that facilitates nutrient protection and absorption. Thanks to liposomes, the absorption of Needed's liposomal Omega-3 is significantly greater than a standard Omega-3 supplement, approximating the absorption of the best natural sources like wild salmon. As an added benefit, Needed's liposomal Omega-3 is a mild-tasting supplement that incorporates easily into consumer's daily nutrition routines.  Future products will meet targeted needs throughout a consumer's lifecycle, specifically during fertility, postpartum, and early childhood development.

Needed has partnered with the leading experts on liposomal delivery, Bio-Up Mimetic Technologies, Inc., whose heritage in liposomal products dates back over 40 years to CalTech (California Institute of Technology), as well as a diverse group of health practitioners. Needed's practitioner partners recommend the company's products in their practice and work with Needed to identify key nutritional gaps, and opportunities for higher quality products and trusted education, at every stage of life.

"We are thrilled to partner with Sekhmet to introduce our products and education to a broad community of customers and practitioners. Sekhmet understands that any company can put 'natural' and 'science-backed' on a label, but only a few can back it up both clinically and operationally," said co-CEO and co-founder of Needed, Julie Sawaya.  Ryan Woodbury, also co-founder and co-CEO added, "We've spent years developing our first products, and proving their efficacy with clinical-rigor and community involvement. Along the way, we've partnered with many of the brightest minds in nutrition. We're excited to now partner with Sekhmet Ventures in this next phase of strategic growth for our company."

About Sekhmet Ventures
Sekhmet Ventures is a venture capital company in Silicon Valley that invests worldwide in science-based companies addressing the clean beauty and wellness market. However, unlike other investors, Sekhmet Ventures provides its portfolio companies with more than just capital. Its international distribution company minimizes their need to build a sales infrastructure and instead allows them to focus on brand building. Equally important and in connection with its distribution company, Sekhmet Ventures has assembled a team which supports its portfolio companies with expertise in manufacturing and regulatory compliance. This infrastructure and support not only accelerate the growth and de-risk the business plans of the portfolio companies, they also increase the efficiency of the Seed through Series B investments on which the firm is focused.

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This press release originally appeared on PR Newswire on May 2, 2019.

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