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This article originally appeared on Flaunt on Oct. 7, 2019.

At the Flaunt offices we are a bit too obsessed with Codex Beauty products with their all organic ingredients and the intersectionality of nature and technology are central tenets of what we all strive for in skin care. The focus on sustainability and the thoughts of consumer transparency has us all jazzed to try out the range of products which mimic that vibe though in its packaging. The pale jade green containers in matte tones work well in complementing the accompanying text design which had a clinical chic touch we often try to display in our personal skin product displays at home.

The brand origins come from Ireland where the fusion of ancient Irish herbal innovation met science to create a modernist respectful take on the traditional remedies. The skin hydrating factor of the product begins with a base that replaces water for a macerated mix of oils from calendula officinalis, helichrysum italics and symphytum officinale. The skin is provided with a deep layer of nourishment without that sensation of drowning in oil. We let the Flaunt staff test out the various products to see their effects in the most essential as well as layered upon each other.



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