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By Dan Castiglione. This article originally appeared on The Beauty Influencers on Jan. 27, 2019.

Introducing STAMBA – a line of organic, vegan, gluten- and GMO-free superfood blends that are meticulously sourced, purposefully blended and elegantly and sustainably packaged to protect the nutritional integrity of the raw whole foods they contain. Earth’s most beneficial ingredients provide both immediately experiential, and long-term protective benefits. With an inspiring and ambitious vision, STAMBA has an array of innovative new product entries for 2019 as it continues to inspire and empower individuals in living balanced, joyous and beautiful lives. This commitment is translated through STAMBA’s product benefits and holistic customer lifestyle support, as well as the company’s sustainable business practices and philanthropic partnerships with The Pachamama Alliance, Cambodian Children’s Fund, and Prasad Project.

Eat Great Food. Supplement with Earth’s Most Potent Superfoods.

  • NO extracts

  • NO isolates

  • NO synthetics

  • Only Therapeutic-Grade Wholefoods

We all know that eating great food is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Yet when most people look to supplement their diet, they continually do so by incorporating synthetic, isolated or lifeless ingredients. Modern science has shown that whole food nutrition is the single most beneficial way to confer meaningful health benefits. At the forefront of the whole-food supplement movement, STAMBA is transforming the dietary supplement experience through potent true superfood blends made accessible with ultimate modern convenience.

Nature’s Antidote to the Stresses of Modern Living.

Those who regularly incorporate STAMBA products report experiencing improved immune strength, sexual health and energetic vitality. The STAMBA line also provides potent detoxifying, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties providing protection from the damaging effects that toxins, free radicals and inflammation have on the body. This leads to improved physical health and appearance over the short and long term.

Quality is Everything. 

STAMBA meticulously sources the highest quality, fair-trade and sustainably harvested ingredients from pristine nativegrowth environments around the globe. Their complexity of wholefood nutrients are preserved in their raw state through freeze drying or cold-processing ensuring maximum potency. Ingredients are then third-party tested to verify identity and safety. Each ingredient is nutritionally robust and in unison they confer unparalleled beneficial activity in a form that is easy to assimilate, integrate and utilize by your body.


Suffering from a broad range of debilitating health ailments, STAMBA founder, Asa Siegel, embarked on a healing journey in pursuit of optimal health. This journey led him to discover the transformative benefits of the true superfoods of ancient cultures and begin his obsession with sustainably sourcing the “best of the best” ingredients from around the globe. Incorporating a combination of these potent superfoods was the key success factor in Asa’s healing journey, the power of true superfood synergy is the discovery that transformed his life. Asa created STAMBA to make the full rejuvenating power of nature’s nutritional bounty easy to integrate into modern lifestyles for experiential and lasting results. Asa is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and affiliate and consultant to Healing Hotels of the World. He received his BA from UC Berkeley.

STAMBA Inc 609 Greenwich Street, 4th floor NYC 10014

Instagram @stambasuper

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