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Expands Product Line with REPLENISH Liquid Probiotic

This article originally appeared on PR Newswire on May 20, 2019.

NEW YORK, May 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- STAMBA Superfoods (STAMBA), a whole food, organic supplement company, today announced the commercial launch of REPLENISH. REPLENISH, a full-spectrum liquid probiotic, is the latest product in STAMBA's line of premium, organically-sourced, nutritional supplements that are designed to optimally nourish the human microbiome.

REPLENISH includes several high-quality, scientifically proven probiotic strains in a tasteless, odorless alkaline water-base that doesn't require refrigeration.  REPLENISH, and all STAMBA products, offer USDA-certified organic ingredients for optimum digestion, healthy skin, mood, immunity strength and nutrient absorption.

STAMBA was founded by Asa Siegel, on the belief that natural, whole food nutrition products can play a positive role in our overstressed and undernourished modern lives. STAMBA is transforming the dietary supplement experience by offering customers potent superfood blends made with the highest-quality ingredients and accessible formulations. 

"Modern science has shown that whole food nutrition is the single most beneficial way to confer meaningful health benefits," commented Asa Siegel, Founder, STAMBA. "Our goal as a company is to become a commercial and a cultural leader in the critically-important whole food nutrition movement. To that end, we're extremely excited to launch REPLENISH, which offers consumers the rich benefits of probiotics in a highly-efficient delivery vehicle." 

STAMBA's full product line includes DAILY, a signature blend designed to promote wellness, decrease inflammation, and reduce oxidative stress; PERFORM, a comprehensive mix intended to satiate the body's complex needs; and TRAVEL, a blend designed to promote adaptability and vitality while traveling. For more information, visit

STAMBA produces a line of consciously sourced and meticulously curated, health, wellness, and beauty essentials. The STAMBA line provides Earth's most beneficial whole foods: true "superfoods" not normally accessible in our daily diet. With proven efficacy and potency, the adaptogenic and phytonutrient-rich ingredients in our blends elicit maximum body response for efficacious results. STAMBA's products universally use therapeutic-grade whole foods with no isolates or synthetics included.

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To learn more about STAMBA, please visit or connect on social media- Instagram @stambasuper | Facebook @stambasuperfoods.



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