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Beauty Buzz with Leonard Daly: The Lowdown on This New Natural Irish Skincare Range

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

This press release originally appeared on The Gloss, on June 29, 2019.

With beauty brands such as Skingredients, Modern Botany and Nunaia, Irish skincare is booming. Guest beauty expert Leonard Daly talks us through the latest arrival, CODEX BEAUTY …

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working on the campaign images for new natural skincare brand, Codex Beauty. Founded by Barbara Paldus, Codex Beauty is a collection of skincare brands from all over the world and the first range to market is Bia. Meaning ‘food’ in Irish, this incredibly nourishing and skin-feeding brand feels so beautiful. The face oil soaks into your skin almost immediately and smells good enough to eat. Tracey Ryan is the brains behind Bia; a herbal scientist from Co Tipperary, her passion for formulas began when she was a child and she would mix perfumes from flowers in her garden. Before joining Codex, Tracey had her own company, Bia Beauty; she told me of a time at Christmas when stockists had run out of product and she had to make an emergency supply of products in her mother in-law’s kitchen. By joining the Codex family Tracey can now focus on her magical formulas completely based in nature. The brand has already filed patents, which will change the way natural products will be produced. Having the chance to chat to someone who is so passionate about her products was electrifying.

When I met Barbara Paldus I instantly knew that Codex would be a huge success, both Tracey and Barbara are hugely knowledgeable, but I think most importantly Barbara is passionate about business, finding the perfect sustainable packaging manufacturer, and sourcing the best lab in the world to make the products, which as it happens is in Ireland. This leaves Tracey to focus on what she does best, creating wonderfully effective natural skincare that at its heart is truly science based, and finding ways to improve how natural skincare performs.

The packaging is completely sustainable, everything is made from recycled material, it is biodegradable where possible – and I’m not sure if I am allowed to say this but soon they will introduce a recycling system where customers can bring back empties, generating zero waste. The ingredients are harvested as ‘green’ as possible and they aim to buy local produce.

There are five products in the range: a facial wash, day cream, facial oil, eye cream and a more intense facial cream. They all have their patent pending BiaComplex, a deeply nourishing and hydrating blend of oil infusions which give them their beautiful scent and healing and hydrating powers. It is a unisex brand, and a little goes a very long way.

With RRP’s starting at €50 it is on the more expensive side for skincare but when you see what the brand has put into it and how they source their raw ingredients you will find it is well worth the spend. The website is live today with all products available to buy online and available nationwide soon.

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