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Bia beauty is going global after being bought by american brand, Cortex

This article originally appeared on Vidmid on July 1, 2019.

This all-natural beauty product made in Ireland is going global.

Bia Beauty, a natural skincare line created byCork-based herbal scientist, Tracey Ryan, is heading international.

Now, Bia Beauty has been acquired byAmerican scientist/bio-technologist Barbra Paldus.

​Although Bia will be getting a new brand name, the core values of the company will stay the same.

Bia has been integrated into this range and from now willbe called Bia byCodexBeauty.

Discovered in nature, perfected by scienceis at the core of what Bia and Codex will do together.

It already launched last week in New York and LA and will also hit shelves this week in Ireland.

The line for the face includes multiple face products ranging from 50-100.

You can buy Bia at Meadows & Byrne and also online

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