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The Best New Beauty Products Launching in the UK in July 2019

By Sophia Panych. This article originally appeared on POP SUGAR on July 1, 2019.

In recent years, the beauty industry has grown exponentially, v.rith new launches, lines, and collaborations corning at us in rapid succession. Every casual scroll through your Instagram feed presents you with new beauty products being revealed (especially if you follow someone with the last name of Kardashian or Jenner), and let's not even get started with Facebook ads. So how do you keep track of all of the beauty newness going on? And more specifically, how do you know which items you can buy here in the UK (without paying exorbitant shipping fees, that is)? Well, that's where we come in.

We combed though the shelves of Space NK, Superdrug, Boots, and beyond to find the best new beauty launches of the month, rounding them up in one place to make it easy for you. Maybe you're in the market for something specific - like a new curl crea1n or the perfect daily moisturiser for the SUilllner - or maybe you just want to peruse the new innovations in skin care and makeup. Either ,..,ay, here's an easy way to determine what's worth the splurge this month. Spoiler alert: vvhen it cornes to beaury products launching in July, Giorgio Armani Beauty's new travel-friendly lip-and-cheek crayons and Fresh's new antioxidant serum are definitely worth reading up on, but rnake sure to check out all the latest and greatest ahead.

Codex Beauty The Bia Collection Skin Superfood

The founder of Codex Beauty, Barbara Paldus, is looking to shake up the beauty industry with her new rnultibrand beauty cornpany that launches in the US and the UK this month. Before Codex, Paldus - who has a PhD in electrical engineering - v.ras the CEO of a bio-processing cornpany called Finesse Solutions and developed Picarro Inc., a provider of solutions to measure greenhouse gas concentrations. She wanted to create clean and sustainable beauty products, bringing together her experience in bio-science and regulating carbon ernissions v.rith her experience as a rnother of a child who had extremely allergic and reactive skin.

To do that, she acquired a small, family-run beauty company from Ireland called Bia, which is the first brand to launch under the Codex Beauty umbrella. All five products in the range are rnade from bio-actives extracted from native Irish plants and are free of chemical preservatives (in fact, the brand was able to create a proprietary preservative complex that's completely natural and parent pending). Not only that, but all of the packaging material is made from green polyethylene (Paldus's goal is to have a zero carbon footprint and zero contribution of plastic into the ocean).

So what should you check out? We recommend the Codex Beauty The Bia Collection Skin Superfood (£40), a soothing and hydrating cream that can treat dry, flaky, and irritated skin anywhere on the body.



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