This all-natural, clean Irish beauty brand is going GLOBAL!

By Laura Bermingham. This press release originally appeared on on January 7, 2019.

We couldn’t be happier with this news, an Irish beauty brand is going global and it’s a beautiful all-natural line.

You will already be familiar with Bia Beauty, the beautiful natural skincare range that Cork based herbal scientist, Tracey Ryan created? Well, this is the next part of her journey.

Bia Beauty was acquired by an American scientist/bio-technologist Barbra Paldus, who is creating a global clean/green beauty brand,Codex Beauty.

‘Discovered in nature, perfected by science’ is at the core of what Bia and Codex will do together as Bia has been integrated into this range and from now will be called Bia by Codex Beauty.

It is going to be on shelf next month and it has just launched in New York and LA last week and launching in Ireland this week. 

The line for the face includes eye gel, face oil, an exfoliating wash, skin superfood and day cream (€50-€100) will be in stock at luxury home and fashion store, Meadows & Byrne and online at The backstory to the new range is also very interesting.

Bia Beauty is just one company Paldus has acquired, she searched worldwide for niche brands with the same clean approach to beauty.

Codex was founded in California, and has a portfolio of global beauty brands built on science, organic, vegan ingredients and plant based preservatives. 

Codex Beauty taps into pharmaceutical grade processes, clinical trials and sustainable packaging all backed by third party certifications to power its brands, the first of which is Bia. 

This will no doubt be a welcome addition to the naturals skincare market because consumers are becoming more aware of what they are putting on their skin and the environmental benefits of purchasing sustainable products.

For Tracey this is a dream come true as she now has the tools, resources to see through clinical trials etc that as a small business they couldn’t afford to do in the past.

We wish both women every success with this gorgeous new beauty line!